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Grades 3-6

Robotics Programming

Kids will learn coding and robotics by making and designing using the micro:bit microcontroller board, stackable LEGO bricks, and visual coding. Students will also develop literacy, math, and social-emotional skills to turn ideas into reality.

Game Programming

Kids will learn to create games like Donkey Kong! They will design characters and stories to make their games more interesting using block programming. Students will understand problem-solving, computational logic, and game design basics.

App Development

Kids will learn to build fully functional apps for smartphones and tablets using a visual blocks language. Building and running apps on mobile devices allow them to experience their apps as part of an ecosystem they interact with daily.

3D Design

The ability to bring objects out of the computer screen and into the real, physical world and kids' hands opens possibilities for creativity and educational exploration.


Grades 7-12

Robotics Programming

Students will learn coding and robotics by making and designing, using the revolutionary new micro:bit microcontroller board, LEGO bricks, Raspberry Pi and Python. The course is a project-based curriculum with a maker philosophy at its core. It provides a context for learning coding and computer science concepts by making and coding physical objects.

Game Programming

Students will learn to create fun and unique mini-games in Minecraft, such as Capture the Flag, Tower Defense, and more! They will learn to publish, customize, and deploy mods. Students will learn problem-solving, computational logic, and game design basics.

Artificial Intelligence

Students will know what artificial intelligence (AI) is and what kinds of things AI can do. It will also enable them to learn AI technology and applications. Students will design and build their machine learning applications.

3D Design

Students will learn the fundamentals of 3D modeling and Design. The course helps students bring their ideas into real using engineering concepts, design thinking, 3D Design, and 3D printing.